Know Before You Go

Prep before you go

For best results and to avoid ingrown hairs please exfoliate area/areas 3 days  BEFORE sugaring session. Do not exfoliate within 48hrs of appointment




CLEAN skin  - Come with area/areas showered fresh and clean free from any perfumes, oils, lotions, creams, deodorants etc.

1st time Sugaring

hair length = a long grain of rice

SHAVERS = Sugaring can be done 7 days after your LAST shave. We recommend 10-14 days for BEST initial results 

WAXERS = Sugaring can be done 4 weeks after your LAST wax


1st Visit  = 45mins to 60mins* 

Maintenance = 20mins to 30mins*

( *adding items will increase timing)

What to wear

Come with comfy LOOSE clothing to avoid ANY irritation, rubbing or chaffing 


Brazilians =  PLEASE plan ahead

NO wearing underwear immediately after session / NO Sex for the first 12-24hrs /  Booking your appt during your period may cause heightened sensitivity & more discomfort than normal

Maximum Results

 Due to the multiple stages and cycles of hair growth it is suggested to have 3 to 4 consecutive sugaring sessions done every 4 weeks in the beginning to slowdown all stages of regrowth 

Any Maintenance Needed ??

NO allowing your regrowth to grow in-between sessions will give you optimal results. Shaving is NEVER allowed as it will reset your hairgrowth & regrowth

Client Safety

Microdermabrasion, Chemical Peels and Laser Users - PLEASE BE AWARE all treatments must be done 7-10days BEFORE to receive sugaring.  ALL or any areas with skin tags, moles and warts will be avoided during the sessions

No Sugaring Allowed If...

Skin that has been sunburned, or treated with professional products like ACCUTANE

EXFOLIANT USERS = must be past 4-5 weeks of treatment use to be sugared (ex. Retin-A, Vitamin C, Fruit Acids etc)