The BEST All-Natural Alternative For Brazilian Waxing or Shaving

No More Painful Waxing.. Ripping Off Your Skin... No More Shavers.. Bumps.. Razor Cuts or Burns

SWEET SPOT Studio offers an exclusive experience with 100% Organic Sugaring. 

This NEW Organic alternative has more benefits than traditional wax and without the pain!! 

Our exclusive COLD sugaring paste is made up of 100% Organic Sugar, Organic Lemons, Molasses & Filtered Water

SWEET SPOT Studio is the I.E's 1st Sugaring Studio for Female's ONLY 

*** Ages 18 to 60+ years ***

We are proud to specialize in the most requested ( ALL YEAR LONG) hair removal aka Brazilians 


Instant Gratification

Can you handle the SUGAR high????

Instant results =  SMOOTH and glowing skin which stays smooth for up to 30 Days. Results can last longer (up to 6-8 weeks) with regular sugaring sessions that slow down the hair re-growth by 50% or more

You Know What They Say....

" Once you SUGAR... 

you NEVER go wax "