The BEST All-Natural Alternative For Brazilian Waxing or Shaving

No More Painful Waxing.. Ripping Off Your Skin... No More Shavers.. Bumps.. Razor Cuts or Burns

THE *SWEET SPOT offers an exclusive experience with 100% Organic Sugaring. 

This NEW Organic alternative has more benefits than traditional wax and without the pain!! 

Our exclusive sugaring paste is made up of 100% Organic Sugar, Organic Lemons, Molasses & Filtered Water

THE SWEET SPOT is located in the I.E

a personalized beauty service for

*Females ONLY Ages 18 to 50+ years *

We are proud to specialize in the most requested ( ALL YEAR LONG) hair removal aka Brazilians 


The *SWEET SPOT is a solo privately owned & operated small business. THANK YOU for your support  🙏🏽

Instant Gratification

Can you handle the SUGAR high????

Instant results =  SMOOTH and glowing skin which stays smooth for up to 30 Days. Results can last longer (up to 6-8 weeks) with regular sugaring sessions that slow down the hair re-growth by 50% or more

You Know What They Say....

" Once you SUGAR... 

you NEVER go wax "

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