After Your Visit

First 12 hours

  • NO working out
  • HOT showers
  • HOT baths
  • Saunas or jacuzzi's

First 24 hours - 1 Full Day

  • NO tanning (booths or sprays)
  • Heavy sun exposure

First 48 hours - 2 Full Days

 NO exfoliation of any kind as this will cause major irritation & skin sensitivity 


ORGANIC aftercare products are available for purchase at the time of your service (ask me about special ordering) as stock is limited 


Remember your pores are OPEN 

(more susceptible to germs etc.)

PLEASE be cautious 24 to 48 hrs 

( after each sugaring session )

DO moisturize with an all-natural lotion ( free from any fragrances, harsh chemicals or dyes)