After Your Visit

First 12- 24 hours

  • NO working out
  • NO HOT showers
  • NO HOT baths
  • NO saunas or  jacuzzi's 
  • NO pool or ocean 

First 24 hours - 1 Full Day

  • NO tanning (booths or sprays)
  • NO heavy sun exposure
  • NO sex or sexual activity

First 48 hours - 2 Full Days

NO exfoliation of any kind 

(will cause major irritation & skin sensitivity) 

enjoy the SWEET life

  • DO moisturize with an all-natural lotion.. free from any fragrances, harsh chemicals or dyes which may cause irritation or skin sensitivity
  • NO shaving in-between sessions
  • DO exfoliate to help regrowth surface; to avoid regrowth becoming trapped under the skin which will cause ingrown hairs (ingrowns cause major discomfort)


Remember your pores are *OPEN 

(more susceptible to germs etc.)

PLEASE be cautious 24 to 48 hrs* 

* after every sugaring session