Hello Sugar SWEETie

  After spending over 8+ years in the spa and beauty industry I ventured out to explore more organic products and methods. Insert Sugaring which was introduced to me in Orange County, Ca and it was love at first flick    



Hair removal for me should never be a painful process or a traumatic experience. My focus is always comfort and to customize every sugaring session. As a dual licensed professional and certified sugaring practitioner you can feel safe knowing that since 2016 quality AND knowledge has been the foundation of My SWEETSPOT STUDIO 



Sugaring has become a game changer for those who are used to shaving or waxing. But not every sugar paste is the same. It has been my privilege to invest in the BEST organic sugar paste and aftercare products. Spreading the sugar โค and saving ALL my future sweeties from the pain and suffering while keeping them SMOOTH is my passion....

It is what I live for โœŒ


  - ๐Ÿฏ Guru TILLY


Try it and you'll see....