Top 10 Reasons - Sugaring really is the answer to our prayers

1 - Sugaring can lead to permanency

Hair growth is more refined after each sugaring session. After a number of sugaring treatments the hair follicle begins to deplete, which leads to permanency

2 - Sugaring extracts very short hairs

 1st time sugaring hair length =

(ex. length of a long grain of rice)

3 - 100% Organic

Made up of  100% Organic Ingredients

• Non- Toxic 

• Non- GMO

• Gluten Free

• Vegan

4 - Sugaring is a natural exfoliate & lightener

Sugar is used as a natural exfoliate while the lemon is known to brighten and lighten. You will witness dehydrated skin turn into soft and SMOOTH glowing skin

5 - Sugaring eases hair out of the follicle in the natural direction of growth

This means you have less chance of developing ingrown hairs or breakage

6- Sugaring paste will NEVER burn your skin


( aka room temperature )


Top 10 Reasons

7 - Sugaring paste is water-soluble

Rinses clean with water

no residue left behind

8 - Sugaring is very sanitary

Sugar can not breed bacteria. I use the same sugar paste ball for the area chosen which eliminates the unsanitary method of "DOUBLE DIPPING"

 ( per client- fresh clean gloves are used )

9 - Sugaring is ECO-Friendly

Bio-Degradable with NO animal testing and zero need for waxing strips or sticks 

10- Sugaring is perfect for EVERYONE*

Females aged 18 to 50+ 

are enjoying the SWEET life 🍯

Fine, thick or coarse hair and those with varicose veins etc.  ALL skin/hair types are getting amazing SMOOTH results 

*Sugaring is 100% safe 

for Pregnant Mamas 🙌